We want to thank you for coming and visiting us.

LJ’s Danehill,LLC is located on five acres in Monticello, Arkansas. The Great Danes are the true owners, with Lisa Avery and Jerilynn Parish as the caretakers. Here they are able to enjoy the happy, healthy lives that they truly do deserve. Whether it is as a loyal companion, show dog, protector, or just a couch potato.

Simon 1.jpg (41446 bytes)LJ’s Danehill.LLC was established in 1980 with a birthday gift from Jeri to me. Here was this lap full of joy and love hid inside a mantle body, who was known as Simon. He started everything. He taught us the wonderful world of Great Danes. What a great teacher he was. He shared our lives for 14 glorious years.

Over the years, we have been blessed to have many more wonderful teachers. Each one of them has shown us the different aspects of the marvelous breed. They have taught us to strive for excellence with this breed, by being able to change and always be willing to learn. Learning enables the brain to reach out for any possible bit of knowledge that will help improve on the quality and health of these truly gentle giants. However, most of all they have taught us the meaning of love, loyalty, respect, and gentleness.

Again we want to thank your for coming and visiting with us. Hope you enjoy this visit with the kids of Danehill. Therefore, with all the southern hospitality we can offer you, we want you to sit back, kick your feet up, and enjoy the trip.

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