LJ’s Danehill’s Breeding Philosophy

Here at LJ’s Danehill we both believe there are certain rules that we must follow to be both ethical and humane breeders of this wonderful breed. These are the rules that we established almost twenty years ago when this home was established around our babies.

We believe that you must take the very best examples of the breed and build from there. It is a hard decision but a very thoughtful one, in order to match bloodlines and different characteristics that you want to come out. This is a little harder to achieve at LJ’s Danehill due to our policy.

Our females are only bred twice. The first time is between two and a half and three years old, than we skip one heat and they are bred again the next year. The limited number of breedings requires that we defiantly do our homework on each female.

We feel this gives us the best from each female without forgetting that they are our babies who are here for our love. True this leaves us with many retired females who are here to enjoy their lives. However with this policy, we can limit the number of litters, and only breed for what we want. This is a puppy that we will keep and will become a lifelong member of our family.

Our family is a quite large family; however, it is full of love and friendships that will go on forever. Whether it is through our puppies, breedable adults, or retired love ones.

Lisa Avery and Jerilynn Parish

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